Friday, August 13, 2010

Photohunt Challenge = Orange

This weekend's photohunt challenge is right up my alley today. Orange is the theme, and what tropical climate doesn't include this hot and vivid color in its many flowers, you are surrounded by so many shades of orange everywhere you go in Hawaii.

I went recently to our Orchid show sponsored by the Hilo Orchid Society, and there were so many amazing new varieties of orchids being introduced at this show. Hawaii island in case no-one knows is also called the orchid isle due to the many orchid growers, nurseries and enthusiasts that grow and hybridize these exotic and special plants. This truly unique show covers the gamut of many orchid species including dendrobiums, cattleyas, cymbidiums, epipdendrums, phapiopedilum, phrags or lady slippers, vandas and too many others that are always being introduced at this show.

The first orchid shown is a truely exotic specimen that won the blue medal for phapiopedilum or lady slipper entry. Called Gertrude Hauserman, (I'm assuming the owner dedicated the name to someone significant) is quite spectacular and unusual because of its intense orange glowing effect and clustered nature.

Here's a side profile look of this beauty.

I've also included other oranged hued specimens that did not win medals but were showstoppers in their own right.

Here's another exotic beauty that just glows from the backlit light, isn't this one gorgeous?

Another beautiful cattleya that I was able to capture close up, but I didn't get a chance to find the markings on this one. I think the cattleyas are quite showy and dainty at the same time.

If you ever come to visit Hawaii island, come and visit a tropical nursery, a farmers market or some of our amazing botanical gardens. You are bound to see some exotic plants including some truly amazing orchids on display.

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  1. Hawaii used to be a fav destination of New Zealanders especially in Winter.

    Your orange orchid is so vibrant, I don't remember my dad's orchid like that.

  2. I have never seen an orchid as strikingly orange as in your pictures. My mother loves and grows orchids back in the Philippines and she would be delighted to see the colourful orchids in Hawaii. It'll be like orchid heaven for her :)

    Sreisaat Adventures

  3. Oh Noel, these are Gorgeous!!

  4. So beautiful and vivid! I have some orange flowers too, but not as pretty as orchids. I get to go to an orchid show at our local gardens every year which is a treat.

  5. absolutely beautiful! love the luscious shades of orange. fabulous photos.

  6. Beautiful! What a fabulous collection for today's theme.

    Mine is up now too. It's right here:

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!

    You can find mine HERE

  8. You've got some amazing shots of such amazing flowers. How they glow! Now I want to think of these orchids shining in the night sky. :-)
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  9. These are all wonderful shots of the orange orchids. I love orchids but I don't think I've ever seen any of the varieties where the color is orange. Great take on the theme.

  10. I have never seen orange orchids before. My mom has a brown and yellow one with small flowers that smells like cherry vanilla... heavenly. But, no orange ones. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Aloha Noel - thanks for stopping by my blog. We are on the other side of the world from each other but both have orange posts! Like others, I am overawed by your bloom shots and especially that orchid - what an exotic place you live in. Beautiful


  12. Aloha my friend,

    I took pictures of our recent Orchid festival but it was small in comparision to this Noel - the cattleyas really are showstoppers and nice in these hot colours aswell.

    :) Rosie aka leavesnbloom

  13. Those flowers are lovely. I'm sure nothing like that would grow in my part of the world.

  14. I imagine Hawaii as a very beautiful state. Your flowers says it all too. Happy Sunday!
    My orange

  15. Wow, these are beatufiful flowers. Lovely photos as always, Noel.

  16. Your orchids are just gorgeous! It reminded me of the orchids my granpa used to grow in his yard in Okinawa. Mahalo for the lovely photos :D


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