Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Special Gathering

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, perfect to go to the beach and enjoy the outdoors.

There is nothing better to do on a weekend but to gather outdoors by the ocean and enjoy the company of our Ohana (close friends or non-familial we consider family).  Being outside, getting the grill started and starting to munch on all the amazing appetizers, its what life is all about.

But today is also very special,,,,, good friends and strangers gathered today to celebrate a very dear friend's coming back to our island after a difficult trauma and recuperating timeframe. Our friend Vicky has returned to Hawaii, its also a surprise welcome for her and you can see from the pictures it was a real surprise!

Oh, can you see the pure joy and real aloha everyone is sharing with Vicky, she is the type of person that makes friends with everyone here, from the life guards on the beach, to people she's just met at our local Home Depot -  she makes an immediate of pure aloha.  These are the types of generous souls we have living in our island.

There's nothing like greeting your friend's here in Hawaii with fresh leis and flowers to adorn a loved one.

Thank you Vicky and welcome back home to your Hawaii, you light up our little corner of the world today!

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  1. Hallo !

    Thank you for a nice comment and visit on my blog ! Your photos are gorgeous and it was very nice to read about your home coming friend, very touching.

    Have a nice week :))

  2. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to Vicky's return to her home! These are memories to treasure by all. I love the Big Island...I hope we can re-visit that heavenly paradise in the fall...beautiful post, Noel.

  4. Beautiful post and what enthusiasm. It had to be a very special day, you've transmitted the joy through your beautiful words even to me.
    Thanks for the visit and have a great week ahead!

  5. seems wonderful, both the ocean and the party with friends and family. :)

  6. how lovely to live in Hawaii!!

  7. You can tell your friends are very warm, in New Zealand language, it is whanau. Family.

  8. Such a Beautiful post!!!

  9. what an endearing event it must be!

  10. I was with Vicki when Robbi, her daughter, pulled up your blog on her laptop. Such wonderful portraits of her with her children. Vicki was so filled with emotion seeing the pictures she cried - and I cried with her. Thank you for sharing them. They moved us all.


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