Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day is Lei Day In Hawaii Island

Happy May Day and also Lei Day ....this beautiful annual celebration that happens throughout hawaii and was started in 1928 to celebrate the tradition of making and giving leis to friends and family.

Today we celebrate spring, colors, flowers and sharing our aloha with leis.

Celebrations happen throughout the islands and here in Hawaii there are many festivals arranged to cover this wonderful celebration including demonstrations, lei competitions, craft shows, hula and many other festivities.

One of my favorites is going to the Palace Theater in Hilo and a whole day celebration at Kalakaua Park in Hilo filled with many events celebrating this tradition.

Here is a calendar of events for Lei Day,


  1. Happy May Day to you too Noel! How beautiful they are...

  2. Please have a wonderful May Day - makes one glad to read that there's still a place for such happiness.

    daily athens

  3. Hi Noel, Happy May Day one day later. Your photos of the lei's are gorgeous!

  4. A gorgeous day all the way around down there. Beautiful!

  5. Have a happy May Day! And thank´s for the nice comment on my blog! I´m happy you did, so I could get to see your blog!
    Wonderful flowers!

  6. Noel: I didn't even know there was a special day for the lei, thanks for sharing these neat flowers.

  7. What a lovely, lovely custom :-)

  8. Your photos are beautiful, Happy May Day and thanks for visiting....


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